Sunday, August 24, 2008

Climbing is rad

I'm on Orcas Island with Brett and Nicole, well Nicole is at camp right now--boring. It just started raining, we're going to boil a duck. I found these pictures on Brett's computer.

On the Grand Wall (5.11a/A0). Brett and I basically came off the couch to do this. We didn't make it look pretty but we got up it.

Illusion Dweller (5.10c). Brett being a badass in Joshua Tree in 2006.

Coming off Bellygood Ledge after The Grand Wall in Squamish. This is one of the three sketchy traverses across the face of the Chief. Luckily this one was bolted, but it's still terrifying traversing across a ledge that's no wider than your shoulders and a 1000 feet off the deck.

I think this is on top of the Split Pillar on the Grand Wall.

This is our beautiful rack. The Grand Wall took us a good many hours, lots of blood, and sore feet.

Probably one of the last trips with my van. It'll be hard to part.


Anonymous said...

you're getting rid of the van? i feel like that's a mistake. drive it to mali, dude. sick pics.

Sheylan Yearsley said...

Hey Tim,
thanks for looking me up; your rock climbing pics look sick! and your project also really interesting( I run a HIV prevention through soccer project). Lets definately hook up while you are in Bamako and if you need a place to stay, let me know.
all the best

Ms. Craven said...

you guys are so manly sometimes.


we don't boil ducks nearly often enough.