Thursday, December 30, 2010

K7-21: Doussouba Traore

Voici another Doussouba Traore tape. Thanks to Jean Louis for both the tape and the scans. And, as it is the holiday season and the gifts kept coming in, thanks go to Ngoni for the Doussouba video (below) and this cool link.

Here are some scans for the previously posted Aichata Sidibe cassette.

Some more drawings given as holiday gifts:

American Gothic


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More for your viewing pleasure

I was kindly donated scans lacking from cassettes that I've previously posted (here, here, and here). I will have more music up shortly but my internet at home is down thanks to the faltering infrastructure, about which Thomas Friedman enjoys writing. Here is a recent example that touches on a variety of topics, including that mentioned above. You may enjoy some of his other writings here, but be warned--he has an obvious bias, with which I tend to agree.

Enjoy the scans in the meantime...