Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mary Blair

Inspired by the Mary Blair exhibit at the Disney Museum.


Monday, February 17, 2014

free health care for all!

loving the Lauren Child technique, though I'm sure she's not the first to use photography with hand-drawn. She was the first that I realized I could do it too. Then I played Samorost 1. If you want to problem solve your way through this simple game, click the arrow pointing at the sewer pipe-looking thing on the opening page, then point-and-click away. Here's a shot from the second level:

Photos of moss, granite, and some guy's face smoking a hookah. It's awesome. Here's another:

Samorost 1

Check out their website.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Too long gone post

I need to set a schedule. Here are some more watercolors. This first one is the beginnings of a public health education project I'm working on in Senegal. The standing girl is excitedly exclaiming to her friend: "And then the message jumps across a synapse!" But in this case I translated it into Wolof. A group in Senegal teaches communities about early child development, including brain development. I used Photoshop to crop in their skirts...

...because I really like the style of the world Lauren Child creates for her characters Charlie and Lola and very briefly experimented with pasting in photo textures. Child uses photos of wood textures amongst scribbled drawings, as one example, for a really cool look. Her book series was adapted directly to an animated series that pretty is fun to watch. are some Amazonians:

A bowl-o-rama:

And Wendy's frosties. These yellow cups are no longer used though, so I actually drew a coffee cup and had to look up the Wendy's logo. Too bad I spelled burgers wrong:

I also visited Kim Zick, with whom I studied jazz drumming for many years. Her cat Zoila likes to crawl between the blanket and Kim's bass drum as she plays, or even crawl all over the drums. Check their band, Mrs. Fun, out on their website or CDBaby. Also Kim plays with Victor Delorenzo (from the Violent Femmes) in a band called Blem Blem. Pancake Day is my favorite.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pantone Plus

I drew some San Francisco houses and scanned them from my notebook:

Then I painted them in value:

And in color:

I never used color much while growing up, instead preferring plain old black and white. I mainly never wanted to color anything because I could never get it right the first pass and would inevitably trash an otherwise good drawing. And unfortunately I was never disciplined enough to teach myself how to use and mix paints. Colored pencils are "easier" but aren't bold enough. I started using Prismacolor markers, as committing as they are, and really like their look (Tuscan Red is my favorite). Nevertheless, I'm still too apprehensive to put color to paper, for fear of destroying many hours of work. However, for better or worse, Photoshop is changing that. Mostly I can paint and undo at will. As this and recent posts might suggest, I'm starting to learn how to work with color. My hope is that eventually I'll learn how to handle real paint at all, especially watercolor and guache, and be able to apply what I learn from Photoshop about mixing color values and temperatures to real paper. Ultimately I want to be a traditional artist, not solely digital. Afterall, Photoshop and other painting software only tries to mimic reality (paper texture, brushes, cutting and pasting, etc). Why can't I go in reverse? Mimic on paper what I do digitally.

Monday, November 18, 2013

New and Used

Ok ok, sorry if you don't like the violence from the last post, I'm just dipping into my childhood of horror movie memories. I've been playing around with photoshop more and have been happy with what's happening.

In the unspecified future I will write about some recent developments and discoveries about Seydou Camara, as well as where I'm headed in regards to public health, human rights, and girl's education in Senegal. However, now is not the time. Hopefully some of the folks who might be interested in both of those topics still follow my blog, though, admittedly I haven't posted a K7 or wrote about Africa in awhile and fear I've lost them into the internet abyss.

Anyway, to celebrate the gears turning here are some fun drawings/combines.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

a quick shot heard round the world

And for fun, another carny game....with a more positive outcome.