Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day produces more than babies

These are some of the pictures I drew when I was in Gambia in 2007 with the intention of coloring at some point. Now I've finally gotten around to it. Valentines with no valentine seemed like the perfect time.

I like this one,

And I discovered that in order to take a good picture I should hold it up in front of my lamp. The color from the markers soaking through the paper makes the picture look electric, but then my camera's flash balanced it and the colors came out pretty true. But the lamp trick gave me an idea to build a picture frame with a lit-back housing. These prismacolor markers look crazy when illuminated from behind.


Katie said...

I'm glad you finally got to finish your clouds.

christina said...

god, tim. you are so fucking wonderful :) let's drink a bottle of wine sometime this week. you can color or draw and i can finally get around to knitting my plastic flowers.

Jax said...

Coloring and Tecate. Sounds like a good Saturday. :-D

They look great. Keep it up and send one this way one of these days..I have some wall space aching for some electric pictures.