Monday, January 25, 2010

K7-4: Doussouba Traore

Doussouba's cassette Tayele is solid.  While my favorite song is Dielaban Tile, there is not otherwise any one song that is an obvious hit; instead the whole cassette from start to finish is consistently good.  (I'm easily taken by a pretty melody and Dielaban Tile gives it to me).  

I like the instrumentation.  The kamelengoni lays down a melodic rhythm on top of which the guitars dance.  I like the freedom the djembe player has and the counter rhythms he plays.

I often wonder if the groups that recorded all of these cassettes over the years are actually a "house band," so to speak, or if the performer chooses the musicians.  Are these the same kamelengoni player, djembe drummer, and guitar players as on Aïchata Sidibe's cassette Massake (to be posted later), as one example?  They could be.  Any ideas out there?


**(I don't have the cassette jacket.  Instead I offer a shot of the dusty new paved road cutting through Yanfolila.  If you continue from Papa's mechanic shop (just off screen to the left) you'll pass the school Bintou goes to.  Continuing southeast, passed the road that leads to the main market, passed a Centre de Sante, curve up the road and cut off left to head straight for the not-so-big radio tower that transmits Radio Wassoulou).**


WrldServ said...

This is all very enjoyable!!
Keep this great music coming!

Anonymous said...

After six months without leaving my player this album has become one of my favorites, the group and Doussouba as the water flow in perfect harmony,wrapping us in its wave, imagination fly and come to the end of the tape.
After huge hear the songs I do not know it,but I'm enjoying it.

I do not even hear the terrible Hiss.

Sad to find that it is no longer with us this great singer of Ganadougu.