Tuesday, April 27, 2010

K7-14: Kagbe Sidibe

This is a good one.  Kagbe Sidibe and her group drive the music forward relentlessly.  Each song swaggers so deeply, bouncing between steps quickly but strongly.  Indeed, if it were coming down the street, with that heavy swagger, I wouldn't want to get in its way.  Kagbe must have been a force in her day.  When I heard her on the radio a friend told me it was the song Patron that won Kagbe a spot on the Friday night music show Top Etoiles, in the early 1990s/late 1980s(?).

Don't try to drive home after this one.  More Kagbe to come.



NGONI said...

Just the tape was looking for, this must be the magic of Wassoulou.

After the intense listening to the Allata Broulaye recordings just wanted to hear more of Alata and according to Lucy Duran in Birds of Wassoulou, "Brulaye from Yanfolila. Former accompanist to Kagbe Sidibe ..."
and it seems that once accompanied Coumba Sidibe as well.

Although I bought this tape a couple of years ago is an edition of Camara Production and lt seems to be a copy of a copy of the one you have, the result is that the pulsating duel between kamalengoni and bass becomes a bombing.

This copy has a very good sound, if we compare Kouloum the only issue that I have on CD, the sound is a little rough but I think the cd have reprocessed.
Feue Kagbe sounds great al 320@ thanks.

kreismyr said...

right on!