Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And the Fat Lady sings!

Over the past few days I drew enough flour sacks to make me sick, so I changed it up a bit. Here's my fat lady. Well, she's not fat, just rather buxom.

Someday when I'm famous I'll hire a proper voice actor. In terms of the drawings, I tried my best to squash her belly and breasts as she bends down, and to stretch them out when she leans back to call out but those could be exaggerated a bit more. Also, I want to redraw the trailing arm (the one not waving). While drawing it, I thought the natural movement would be to sort of flop around at the elbow from the momentum of her other waving arm, but when played out it's just super jerky and stuttered looking. Maybe just subtle movement would be better...or none at all. At the same time I tried to squash and stretch her belly throughout the rapid waving up and down, but that turned out jerky as well, so I'll probably keep the belly line static.

It would be fun to really work on this one, since it's so short. I could rework all the errant lines and jerky movements, put ink over the good ones and color it in. And also to add details like a face and fingers.


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