Sunday, September 23, 2012

K7-22: Tata Diakite

 Not much to say except here's another good one from Tata.  You'll notice two things about it probably pretty quickly, besides not having the album cover:  1) The song titles are the same as the last one (plus a few new ones) and 2) for the most part the songs don't sound at all alike except for lyrics.  As I alluded to in that previous Tata post, Te Djama is more similar to the good ol' Wassoulou pop that we all know and love: drum machines, synthesizers, soft harmonizing backing vocals, and keyboards.  The Laban album has a more organic sound that I prefer, but I love this tape nonetheless.

By leaps and bounds my favorite track on the tape, and perhaps one of my favorites in all of the Wassoulou music I've heard is this version of Djama.  Aside from Tata's vocals being amazingly dynamic, wandering up and down through the melody, I love that little keyboard hook that persists throughout the song.  It almost seems to draw out the beat it's on, momentarily stretching time between the notes before twisting at its apex and dropping back into the poppy rhythm that drives behind Tata's beautiful singing.

For the record, some of my other top favorite songs are Sarama (also Tata on Album du Laban), Mani Jin Dala (Oumou Sangare on Bi Furu), Diarabi Nene (Oumou on Moussolou), Anka Maliba (Djeneba Seck on Tigne), everything that Kagbe Sidibe has ever sung, and last but not nearly least, Wassoulon Foli (Sali Sidibe).  As I started writing this list I realized that it would end up being quite long.  Also everything off of Dayele by Doussou Bagayoko, who I'd marry in a second given the chance.  I'm also quite fond of Fourou by Satta Kouyate off of Dakan.

I just saw a few new videos from Doussou on youtube...anyone have that album?

Yikes!  I can't believe I almost forgot.  Dielaban Tile by Doussouba Traore used to play on repeat endlessly.  Another amazing song from Wassoulou.  I'm pretty sure all the songs I mentioned above (minus the Oumou songs) can be found somewhere on this website.  I just don't feel like digging up the links.



NGONI said...

You can listen to the entire 2011 album Danaya in this link.

Personally Doussou bores me more each year, she wants to be very sophisticated, the result of a music flavored with taste of artificial sweetener.
Maybe one day she wakes up.

NGONI said...

Hi friend, if you ever have the possibility to make a new rip in stereo and high bitrate, it will make us happy.