Sunday, December 2, 2012

Old drawing, new coloring

Awhile ago I redrew a background painting I liked from an old cartoon...might have been from Tom and Jerry, I don't remember.  Finally I bought a digital tablet and am starting to learn how to color with Photoshop.  I haven't used it too much but know there are tons of new possibilities available.  Being able to undo things at will is an assuring thought.

Here's a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk.  I've also been trying to think more about using tone and value with composition to direct attention to certain elements.

I think this drawing is pretty simply composed, where everything surrounds the center of the image.  The tall kettle drops down to the flat bowl and down the falling loaf of bread, across the butter to Jack pearing at the giant and the golden hen.  The hen and eggs are the lightest object in the drawing making it pop a little.  I should color the plate a little darker than the hay.

I colored the top drawing more recently than the bottom and got a cleaner result.  Every element in the drawing-- the house, grass, bushes, fence, were separated onto different layers so I could color them individually, without affecting the others.  But on the bottom drawing I colored the entire image as a whole.  Everything has a thin halo of light because I didn't want to color over the lines (wasn't taking the time to detail). 

A lot left to learn.

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ruggedstickman said...

Tim, these pics are stunning....really amazing.