Monday, May 13, 2013

Linoleum Block Prep

A friend of mine works at a printing press studio in Berkely and we've been talking about doing a series of prints coming up.  The other day I visited the shop and saw the machines:




I bought some linoleum blocks, already have carving tools, and now just need designs.  The image at the top of this post isn't a print but just a happy accident in photoshop where I skewed one color layer over another, slightly offsetting it and mimicking a print.

It would be most simple to start with a simple black and white print, which would only require one block, but that doesn't sound as exciting as the relative precision required for multi-color prints. I sketched a simple image and took it to photoshop to try out various color combinations. I should probably limit myself to just 3 or 4 colors, but they just look so cool. Mixing the paints to match any of these will be an entirely different issue; neither of us has much experience mixing paints.

I also switched them to black and white to see how well the shapes read.  Some of my favorite color combos are pretty close on the value scale, but it doesn't bother me too much.

I think the biggest crowd I had on this blog was the African music bunch, who I believe since I stopped posting tapes may have abandoned ship.  I assume most of the internet traffic I get (I can see the numbers) are happenstancers searching for my intentionally topical post titles.  All of this is to ask, if anyone has any favorites to let me know!


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