Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More for your viewing pleasure

I was kindly donated scans lacking from cassettes that I've previously posted (here, here, and here). I will have more music up shortly but my internet at home is down thanks to the faltering infrastructure, about which Thomas Friedman enjoys writing. Here is a recent example that touches on a variety of topics, including that mentioned above. You may enjoy some of his other writings here, but be warned--he has an obvious bias, with which I tend to agree.

Enjoy the scans in the meantime...


Anonymous said...



thank you

NGONI said...

A great feast for the eyes have the covers, thank you very much to the donor.

After seeing so flaming Doussouba picture I want to pay homage to this great singer sadly missing, to continue with his memory I will post a popular performance in my youtube channel,as I find a moment.
Thank you all.

Wassoulou said...

When you get the video up, post a link here, or I could post one up front.