Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cat Slaps

It's been quite awhile since I've done any work on this cartoon, mostly because the more and more I learn about animation the worse this becomes.  There isn't enough action, the breathing scene is too long and confusing.  Some audio would help, too.  Regradless of how I feel about it I did learn a lot in the process (pre-flour sack and pre-Fat Lady).  Here is where it stands so far:

And here are some stills from the movie:  First, a smear drawing as she whips her head around to scream at the second cat with the end of that movement following in the second drawing.

A little more overlapping action with her hair swinging, delayed after she stops turning, would have been better.

Here's another smeary drawing, after she thumps the second cat up and down and kicks it off her toe.

The final (thus far) scene is strangling and punching from the point of view of the woman.  It was fun drawing all the hand movements, but I drew them mostly separately as key poses without really thinking of fluid movement.  All the balls and bands in the hands only helped me to get proportions as close to correct as I could, then they turned out to look kind of cool so I kept them in every drawing.

We'll see what happens...

In other news, check out this trailer and making of video I found.  I can only dream of being able to put something like this together.  Not that I'm particularly attached to the story of this cartoon, but the variety of animation that he uses and the overall feeling is awesome.  And my biggest challenge is having a story at all, let alone enough of a story for a feature length anything.  It's one thing to be able to draw halfway decently to make a mildly funny scene move, but it's an entirely different skill to have anything worth telling people by way of pictures and an interesting and engaging story.  Anyway, check it out:

 I couldn't find the "making of" on youtube and blogspot won't let me put a vimeo video up, so here's the link if you're interested:

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