Sunday, February 7, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Scans of the Mali K7 CD release in 1999, courtesy of Scott:

What good detectives we are.  Oumou and Kassim, no Baba Salah, and as an added bonus, I'm happy to see Djeneba Seck listed as well.

Post script:  In my excitement to make digital these wonders of Wassoulou culture, Bambara culture, West African...etc., I overlooked what I now realize is an important step.  You may be aware that my cassettes were not digitized at an optimal bitrate (rather at 128kbps), so I propose this: every new cassette I digitize will be at a higher bitrate.  And, as I have time to work through some of the old tapes (which are currently 1986.05 miles/3196.24km away from me), I'll post them, because I too, would enjoy the improved quality.


Carrie said...

there was an interview with a purportedly v. important ngoni player on NPR the other day. I didn't hear it. my roomie told me about it.

Spinning said...

That would likely be Bassekou Kouyate, who recently released an album titled I Speak Fula - it's out in the US and Europe.

Wassoulou said...

Yup. I haven't heard any of that one yet, but I do like Segu Blue from a few years ago.

NGONI said...

Tim please, could you ask to Scott for a rip of this first Nabintou album, I think it deserves an extra effort, please?