Thursday, February 4, 2010

K7-7: Nabintou Diakite

La Nouvelle Revelation du Wassoulou is another solid cassette from the region--more undiluted beauty, as someone described the previous cassette to me.  Nabintou's is a little more dynamic than that of Doussouba Traore; less driving, you may notice.  However, that is not to say one is any better or worse than the other.

Nabintou, I believe, is Oumou Sangare's cousin and was a backing vocalist in her group.  I wouldn't be surprised if Oumou is singing on this one too.  In fact, I think members of Oumou's group are probably playing on this tape.  I saw a roster for the musicians on another of Nabintou's tape, which included Kassim Sidibe, who I know was Oumou's kamelengoni player.  

The kamelengoni on this tape is a prominent feature, largely leading the music.  On some tracks, the longer cycles of melody it plays before repeating, fills a more melodic role than it usually has on other tapes by Bintou Sidibe or Aissata Sidibe, where it is primarily a rhythm machine with short fills and fast solos that allow more instrumentation to be layered on top for the main melody.


**If you recall from my post about Seydou Camara, I have had great success tracking down the out of print text, as well as some other interesting resources.  When I get something coherent together I'll be sure to share**

**Enjoy scenic downtown Bamako, pictured up top.  Amadou Toumani Toure's palais présidentiel looms atop the hill, which is also where you can find Point G, one of the two main hospitals in Bamako and greater Mali.  If you get lost wandering the angled streets use the cathedral with the clock as a landmark--it helps**


Anonymous said...

Very appreciated Nabintou I always liked, I can hear too Oumou singing in Diarabi Lee.

But I would greatly appreciate the topics turn to 256kbps (quality suitable for cassettes) at least the tapes that have good sound.

Wassoulou said...

One thousand apologies. Many of the cassettes that were turned digital years ago, of which there are many, were all done at 128kbps, before I was aware of the control I had in regards to quality.

We'll all suffer together.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tim,I will not suffer at all, a little more quality, a little bit more of pleasure that's all.
This cassette has a sound reminiscent of the Oumou album Worotan and should be the same musicians but do not hear the Baba Salah guitar.

Anonymous said...

Improving a little more.