Thursday, February 18, 2010

K7-9: Souley Kante

Souley Kante: artist, auto-mechanic, smith, and traditional doctor*.  I had to pay extra for this one.  At the time I was searching for kamelengoni tapes and a vendor told me that since he had held onto this copy over the years he wouldn't sell it for the normal CFA, but instead wanted 1.5oo CFA.  I bought the tape and I'm quite happy I did.  

I didn't know at that time--but soon found out--that Souley Kante has been around the Malian musical block: inspired by Coumba Sidibe, formed a group with Sali Sidibe, and toured with Oumou Sangare until the bird flew off on his own musically successful solo career.  

Venture over to Awesome Tapes for another Kante mango if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Surely the cassette it was time ago with the seller and not being new that is what sells, he had no copy.

Despite not being original and the sound is not perfect, I'm sure he still regretting his business.
This tape have more pure Wassoulou than "Bi Magni"and"Nagnuman" with a touch more pop.

Wassoulou said...

Unfortunately the sound isn't as good as one would hope from an orginal, but it is a good cassette.

And despite what the cover says, the tape is in fact mono and digitized as such, hoping to reduce the sound distortion. Don't know if it helped.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's a good tape, because the music is extraordinary.

But the sound is not original because Malien tape is usually excellent, unfortunately the bootlegs in Mali can be distinguished only by the sound.
Copying tapes is not a home issue, but of organized gangs.
Will continue to look better one, while still dancing.